Health Safety & Environment

JTSPL Management demonstrates its commitment to HSE by integrating all aspects of Health, Safety and Environment into its business strategy. The holistic theme of Safety Management is developed logically and functional operation of the company is examined systematically in well-structured Safety Management attributes and elements.

Risk quantification and control strategy formulation are addressed competently. The human resource essentials for Safety Management are thoughtfully presented through the Guiding Principles of -Commitment, Organization, Accountability, Management System and Standards, Risk Management, Legal and other Requirement Compliance, Training, Environmental Aspects, Continual Improvement, Monitor and Audit and Review.

Commitment: Management at all levels of the company is actively committed to HSE excellence.

Organization: We maintain and enhance a companywide organization structure and culture that recognizes the full and active participation of all employees in the systematic management of health, safety and environmental issues.

Accountability: Achievement of excellence in Health, Safety and Environmental depends solely on the continuous participation and accountability of the management. Systematic methodology of management review of company contribution vis a vis HSE development parameters is in place.

Management System and Standards: We develop, implement and continuously improve effective HSE management system and establish standards complying best practices in industry.

Risk Management: We ensure the potential health, safety and environmental risks associated with our activities are attended easily to mitigate adverse effects identify opportunities for improvement.

Legal and other Requirement Compliance: We operate to standards that will comply with the requirements of appropriate legal and other requirement.

Training: Training is an essential element of HSE excellence. Management at all levels will ensure that appropriate training is imparted on regular basis.

Environmental Aspects: We continuously evaluate the environmental aspects of our products and services to ensure sound environmental strategy and achieve continuous improvement.

Continuous Improvement: The Company believes that effective HSE management is good business and is committed to continuous improvement of HSE management practices.

Monitor, Audit and Review: Effective management requires ongoing assessment and review to check for adequate implementation of the HSE policy and direct the relevant course correction.